Won’t a lock better protect my luggage?

Unfortunately not. Since locks are usually fastened at the most vulnerable part of a bag—the full length of the zipper—they offer very low measures of security. Locks are only designed to hold two ends of the zip together, which does not guarantee protection to the zip itself. All it takes is a sharp object (even the tip of a ball point pen) to pry open the zipper’s teeth.

My bags will still be opened for inspection at check in, right?

There’s no need. Where we currently operate, airports are now using specialised X-ray technology so that airport officials no longer have to manually open each piece of luggage. This means your wrapped bags can go through security seamlessly and still arrive at your destination unopened.

Can I still wrap my bags if I’m flying to the USA?

Yes! Contrary to popular belief, we wrap hundreds of bags going to the United States. Under USA flight requirements, baggage must be available for inspection at any point in time, which means bags are vulnerable to having locks and cables removed permanently.

The plastic wrap we use on your luggage is clear, so inspectors can see that there are no locks or other protective items to remove. The only time bags are physically opened is when they are flagged for further inspection during transit—in which case, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials will leave an attached note in the bag confirming their security check. However, this does not happen often, as USA airport authorities are very familiar with luggage wrapping.